Friendship One Accord Worldwide Church of God, Inc.

One Church; One Mission 


9th-16th HOLY CONVOCATION @ Headquarters

23rd-- Morning Worship @ 10:00

28th & 30th--Homecoming


1st--Happy Heavenly Birthday To The Triumphant Sr. Bishop, Dr. John D. Wesley

3rd--Apostle @ True Believers in Lumberton ... Apostle Ellie Baker is Host Pastor

6th--Morning Worship @ 10:00

9th--Happy Wedding Anniversary Apostle & Lady Wesley

11th--Veterans Day

13th--Morning Worship @ 10:00

20th--Morning Worship @ 10:00

24th--Happy Thanksgiving

27th--Morning Worship @ 10:00


4th--Morning Worship

11th--Morning Worship @ 10:00

18th--Morning Worship


29th--Happy Birthday, First Lady, Prophetess Benita Wesley & Chief Mother, Dr. Mary A. Wesley

31st--Service @ 10:00 PM